Remember my dear
If this is part of a higher plan
I do not know where it is taking me
Where my feelings are going?
My sorrow, my sadness, my craziness
My love, my lust, my life...

What have I done, oh Lord?
Falling in love with someone already in love
Not with me, with someone else
I do not think Iíll be able to handle it anymore
It is too painful
release me, let me go

Do not let me die a slow death
Do not let me crawl
Do not let me reach desperation
My love is too beautiful
My soul is too weak
To see you close the door
And leave me behind, crying, dying...

At the end of the line I still want to live
If not for you for someone else...
Someone that will cherish me
Someone that will love me... as much as I love thee

I wonder whether countless nights I will have with you
Or whether those will be small in numbers
Shallow in deepness, where your body will be there
But your soul have long left me ó for someone else

I want to ride the ride that riders ride
I want to play the play that players play
I do not want to die the death that desperate die
I want to kiss the kiss the tongues kiss
I want to hug the body that arms hug
I do not want to perish the death of a sacrificial lamb
I want to share my life with those that share theirs
I want to dream the dream the lovers dream
And forget the nightmares that kill me in your arm